Dhs. 111.80

1 Pkt = 1.3 Kg +/- Frozen
We will invoice at 86 aed per Kg, based on actual final packet weight

Wonderful handmade Dingley Dell Sausage - www.dingleydell.com

  • Animal Welfare awarded from the RSPCA
  • Sustainability Awarded
  • Free Range
  • In Guinness book of records for its environmental works to protect the endangered Bumble Bee Species - see attached
  • DEFRA (UK Dept of Farming & Agriculture) have recognised our special breeding program & awarded them their only registered Breed: The Suffolk Red
  • Pioneers in Marbled Pork - through our Food Scientist we have uniquely developed marbled Pork through the same USDA Beef marbling techniques & scanning
DD Pork Chipolata 29g Perfect for Kids
Dhs. 111.80

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