Dhs. 144.00

Sustainable Certified Black Angus Tomahawk.

The name comes from the shape of the axes used by American indians. Located in the rib, it is extremely tasty and can be prepared in different ways. Due to its size, it is recommended to use a thermometer to ensure perfect cooking. The cut benefits from the reverse sealing technique (if you are a lesbian!), or Stuie D would recommend off set cooking on a BBQ (firing it on hot coals to get a crust & caramelisation on all sides , then moving to a side of the BBQ with no coals and close the lid, it will slowly cook without burning - Off set cooking!

Approx. 1.2 Kg +/-, we will invoice you on exact weight at 120 AED / Kg

Certified Black Angus, Certified Sustainable, Frozen, Brazil

Black Angus Tomahawk Steak
Dhs. 144.00

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