Dhs. 15.00

Sustainable Certified Black Angus Meaty Rib Chipolata Sausages 300g +/-

We will invoice you on exact weight at 37 AED per Kg

Extremely tasty Angus rib sausages, ideal to be prepared over the grill. Its mild seasoning enhances the natural flavor of the meat. As the ribs have a high amount of streaky fat, tenderness and juiciness are guaranteed. It can be served with the accompaniment of your choice: fried or cooked in the oven or even alone as an appetiser snack with friends. Another great taste is making a delicious sandwich with chimichurri salsa.

Certified Black Angus, Certified Sustainable, Frozen, Brazil


QB: MeBeFz131

Black Angus Meaty Rib Chipolata Sausages 300g
Dhs. 15.00

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