Dhs. 22.00

Sustainable Certified Black Angus Striploin Portion 250-300g +/- Frz

We will invoice on exact weight at 87 AED per Kg

A steakhouse classic - The Sirloin (or Striploin according to those Yanks!!) is the best known as the Famous New York Strip and the most noble cut in Argentina. Extremely tasty, tender, juicy and full of flavour. A well marbled cut, the Striploin Steak shines when it's grilled to perfection with some light salt and pepper and enjoy. The whole piece is easy to portion with little butchery skills required.

Certified Black Angus, Certified Sustainable, Frozen, Brazil

FYI, whole piece available at



QB: MeBeFz120

Black Angus Striploin Portion 250-300g +/-
Dhs. 22.00

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