Dhs. 56.25

Sustainable Certified Black Angus Hanger Steak

Incredibly rich, deep and robust taste that is full of umami, and it is considered to be one of the most flavorful cuts of beef.

The hanger steak hangs (hence the name) between the rib and the tenderloin, where it supports the diaphragm essentially “hanging” out in that spot, giving it its unique name. It was originally known as a "butcher's steak" since butchers kept and enjoyed it for themselves as consumers didn't know to ask for it.

Simply BBQ on hot coals, and slice thinly and remember to cut against the grain for super tenderness

Approx. 750g +/- , we will invoice at 75 AED/ Kg

Certified Black Angus, Certified Sustainable, Frozen, Brazil

Black Angus Hanger Steak (The Butchers Secret Cut)
Dhs. 56.25

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