Dhs. 62.05

Sustainable Certified Black Angus Flat Iron Steak 

Weights are 850g +/-, we will invoice you on exact weight at 73 AED per Kg

Hands down, this is Stuie D's favourite cut - it's just simply Epic!!! This is the 2nd most tender cut on the cow after the famous tenderloin and holds a deep flavour like a Rib Eye.

This cut of steak is from the shoulder of a beef animal. It is located adjacent to the heart of the shoulder clod, under the seven or paddle bone (shoulder blade or scapula).

Flat Iron is considerably less expensive than many of the more popular steaks, and that is why it's a rising star in the meat world. Take a minute to get to know the flat iron steak, it will change your life!!!

Certified Black Angus, Certified Sustainable, Frozen, Brazil

QB: MeBeFz124

Black Angus Flat Iron Steak (Stuie D's favourite)
Dhs. 62.05

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