Dhs. 45.00

Oak is very attractive and gives off a lot of heat, but it burns out fairly quickly. Though birch can be easier to find and cheaper than many other species, you’ll go through it much faster. Oak is most suitable and recommended for campfires, fire-pits, low cost pizza ovens and barbecues. Spark-free burning firewood, made exclusively from 100% sustainable sources. Only the best quality birch wood is used for production. Free of mould, mildew and pests due to kiln drying. Comes either in 21L box with a specially developed handle, or in a 40L bag for heavier consumption. The 21L packaging is designed for the retail market as the handy bundles are perfect for Supermarkets, gas stations and DIY shops as they are grab and go.

Klin Dried Birch wood 25-32cm long

Quick and easy to start, Perfect for camping

Long burn, Minimal ash deposits

Bad Axe Firewood - Oak 21L Sack Approx 9kg
Dhs. 45.00

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