Dhs. 63.00


  • Large Peeled Cleaned Tail On Prawns - 1Kg
  • Red Thai Curry Sauce - 500g
  • Gluten Free Rice Noodles - 375g

To Feed: 3-4 People (depends on how hungry you are!)


Run the prawns under the sink to defrost (normal cold water, not hot) until soft & defrosted. They are already peeled, Cleaned, De-veined & tail on

Warm the sauce in a pan on the stove (if directly from frozen then on a very low heat setting), alternatively leave in the fridge the night before cooking.

You can either pan fry the prawns & add them into the sauce, or I prefer just to add the raw defrosted prawns into the sauce, but ensure they are fully cooked.

Boil the noodles 

For me I like to mix the noodles in the sauce before serving, but that's up to you!

Serve, eat, enjoy!

Jumbo Prawn Thai Red Curry & Rice Noodles
Dhs. 63.00

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