Dhs. 108.00

USDA Bone In Short Rib 1/2 Rack (on average 800g to 1Kg)

Smoked by the Awesome Legendary Big T BBQ :), wrapped and frozen

You get 1/2 a 4 bone rack, pre cooked, wrapped in baking paper and then aluminum foil. You simply defrost as is, then when defrosted, re-heat as is in the oven and enjoy the epic taste of a Smoked Bone In Short Rib as if you had smoked it yourself!!!

Website price is costed at 900g, we will invoice you on exact weight at 120 AED / Kg

QB: MeBeFz112

SKU: 12
Pre Cooked Smoked Black Angus Bone In Short Rib Portion
Dhs. 108.00

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